Best tips to Save Money on Cosmetics & toiletries

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Best tips to Save Money on Cosmetics & toiletries

1. Use what you have
Many of us buy new makeup and toiletries before we even finish using them because we started disliking the product we are using currently. For example, you might throw away the toothpaste that tastes just little like lemon and sometimes we start having a problem with its fragrance or something. You may also have toiletries in the cabinets that you forget about buying.
Search your home and find usable products and toiletries, and use them completely before buying the new one.


2. Relegate to less expensive brand
This is obvious, however, some people think they should buy expensive salon-quality shampoo or branded store makeup. If you always use the expensive brand product, you may not realize that much good quality, inexpensive brands also exist. Challenge yourself to downgrade one product to see if the inexpensive product is an adequate substitute.

3. Buy in bulk or large size
Buying in bulk or the largest size available may cost you little less, you can save some money on such products. If you do this for all toiletries, you can see how your savings quickly accumulated.
Make sure to check the price per unit while purchasing the largest size available. Sometimes these products don’t help you in saving any money. So make sure you will check the price of every product before buying.

4. Useless
Have you ever seen the advertisement for toothpaste where the glob of toothpaste entirely covers the toothbrush? Advertiser uses these pictures on purpose. The more product you use more you have to buy. Use as per your requirement. Don’t rely wholly on the product application quantity. Try to use less toothpaste, washing detergent, shampoo, and even toilet paper.

5. One bottle for the entire household
It seems every member of the family has their own personal preference regarding each product. If you have a household of four people, and everyone uses different brand shampoos. You have to buy four different brand shampoo and then have to make room to store them. Try to coordinate with your family members on a preferred brand, or take a turns picking the product.

6. Let’s do some DIY
Make your own toiletries. By making your own products at home you can save money. You can make your own DIY products by collecting some simple ingredients from nearby drug stores and grocery stores. I made my own face wash and I have also made my own shampoo.

7. Use alternatives
If you have to buy an ultra-power dandruff shampoo, you probably cringed at the price. Instead of purchasing dandruff shampoo, use malt vinegar or apple cider vinegar as a price. This is the natural and effective way to get rid of your problems moreover you can use baking soda instead of toothpaste and shampoo.

8. Flexible
If you want to get the absolute best deal possible then you need to be flexible at the time of buying a product. For instance, my husband and I use bar shop, however whenever I’m able to get body wash shower gel we use that instead.

9. Consider why you need it
Do you buy make makeup to look pretty for a date? Or to make you look more confident at work? Do you buy makeup out of habit or whenever you are feeling down, as a pick-me-up?

Make sure that you have a proper reason for purchasing cosmetics. If you have a false perception that makes up make you feel better and confident then you should, must drop this shopping habit.

10. Only buy the most important product

I don’t love to wear a lot of makeup, but I do like to ware kajal and mascara. It makes me look more vibrant and alive, and so I don’t mind spending a little more money on those products. Similarly, I have a friend who only love to wear blush. So, all her makeup budget goes towards it. I suggest you choose an important product and treat them as a splurge, or the only make up you buy at all.