How to stay focused?

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Best Tips for improving your focus

Practice concentration until and unless you become successful. Turn off all your distractions and try to maintain your focus on the single task. First, start small it can be 5 minutes per day, then increase it day by day to reach up to its highest extent. If you still find your mind wandering, start everything from the beginning.

1. Prepare your brain before the task.
2. Understand where your focus needs to be, then decide what is worthy of your distraction.
3. Log out from the social world for at least 30 minutes.
4. Grab some caffeine. It is the best subordinate.
5. Listen to some quality music in the morning. It will help you to stay focused and energized all day long.
6. Take short breaks in between your complex work hours.
7. Doodle, when you are sitting in on the long meeting or conference. Doodling improves your concentration power and helps you in keep focused.
8. Do creative work at first
9. Allocate your time effectively
10. Train your brain to act accordingly