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Awesome Quotes for Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

  • You can’t raise your standard by criticizing others.
  • Shortcuts open the door of failure.
  • Follow your passion your dreams ultimately starts following you.
  •  Darling, you don’t need to show the live telecast of what’s happening in your life on social media. Stop being an immature girl.
  • Your outer layers are far more different than your inner soul.
  • You are the creator and you are the destroyer of your own story.
  • Hey, I can’t let you go however, I can’t keep you though.
  • I’m different, you are different, he’s different, she is different, everybody is different in this universe but still we expect the same from everybody.
  • Nobody is perfect in this globe neither I nor you.
  • It’s ok if you don’t like me because I also hate myself sometimes.
  •  If you ever fall in love with me then you can’t stay away from me for too long and if the above saying is wrong; you never loved me the way I did.
  • I have one problem, I understand everything.
  • Make me an option, I will make you a memory. Make me a priority, I’ll make you my life.
  • S O R R Y: it’s easy to say hard to accept easy to spell but difficult to understand.
  • I don’t like it when someone repeats the same mistake the hundredth time.
  • I hate that when someone lies about not lying.
  • Don’t sell your self-respect for the thing called love.
  • Sometimes you have to struggle a lot while transforming your thoughts into words.
  •  I can’t stay happy for too long. Actually, sadness does not let me stay.
  • Nothing is eternal in this globe neither smile nor sorrows.
  • What if she dies tonight! Will you come to meet her at her funeral?
  • The bond they use to share between them seems like shattering. Ego, arrogance, secrets, selfishness have spoiled everything between them.
  •  It makes me feel sick in the stomach whenever I think my life without you. What will happen when it became true?
  •  Now, his presence and absence don’t make any difference in her life.
     People criticize you because they have a mouth to speak but do not have the brain to think.
  •  Love makes you do everything, trust me “everything”.