Best one-liner tag lines



Best 2018 one-liner tag lines


1. Apparel , textile & accessories
• Complete in your look ( cloths means nothing until someone lives in them)
• Must have bottoms
• Get festive ready
• Latest global style
• The formal fitness (“Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a formqut of imprisonment.”)
• Snazzy style this season ( I don’t do fashion I’m fashion)
• Here is effortless fashion for you (“We don’t need fashion to survive, we just desire it so much.”)
• Invest in the festive special style
• Chase the contemporary
• A new take on tradition
• Gear up for the winters! Layer it right
• Dressed to create memories ( lets party ready)
• Stay on top of style (“The joy of dressing is an art.)
• Causal tees for him
• Best fashion for your little one
• Treat your kids with latest styles
• Pretty dresses for your princess
• Best of ethnic style

2. Bags, shoes & accessories
• Must have boots
• Kick up the style
• Super cool sneakers
• Elegant arm candies( just get a bag and drop a dream in it , and you will be surprised what happen )
• Sturdy travel partners
• Comfy and easy travel essentials
• With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely.

3. Gifts ,sports ,toys and books
• Must have boots
• Winners never quit
• Sports smart
• Budget sportswear for you
• Keep it cool
• Must have books
• Bookworms are welcomed
• It’s all about surprises
• Gift happiness
• Play with joy (fun toys)
• Kids square ( toys and more toys)

4. Packaging, advertising & office
• Keep your stuff safe and secure

5. Home, lights and construction
• Get inspired trends to take home
• Your space your decor
• Spark your space with bright light
• Enjoy the festival of lights
• Light up your homes darkness

• Colour of the season white- flaunt now
• Weeding check list drape it!
• Nice to see come on in

6. Machine, industrial products and tools
• Multipurpose screwdrivers
• Complete storage solution (large size creates)
• Multipurpose excellent quality plastic buckets

7. Beauty and health
• Pamper and groom
• It’s all about you (beauty and care)
• Stay fit
• Health is wealth
• Yoga keeps you fit

8. Auto and transport
• All set
• Keep it perfect
• what are you looking for ( look here is everything)
• some vehicle essentials

9. Electronics
• Your gadgets needs some make over
• Pretty back cases
• Cute USB
• Fashionable back case

10. Handicraft and agriculture
• Handcrafts beautify your home
• Stylish home décor
• Elegant sculptures