Want Weight Loss Avoid these 5 foods in Daily Diet


Going on a weight loss diet?? List the health foods in the grocery list. Often these health foods are junk food in disguise or foods that harm your body. Influenced and fascinated by the excellent packing we read only half information highlighted on them. Though there are many such products floating in the health industries here we discuss the most commonly chosen ones.

  1. High fibre biscuits

    – as the advertisements claim are the best source of fibre! But what about the calories. Usually high fibre biscuits are loaded with fat to make them crisper and edible. Along with them comes, the added salt, sugar and preservatives for free. High in calories, 2-3 biscuits have equal calories provided by a meal but with almost no nutrition.


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Here are some e.g.-

  1. Britania nutri choice digestives- 100 gms has 455 calories
  2. GAIA digestive cookies- 100gms has 519 calories
  3. Sugarless Bliss sugar free and digestive cookies-100gms has 487 calories.On an average 1 thin slice of Bread has 80 calories where as a fresh wheat chappati has only.

2. Breads-

white or brown both are made of pulverized wheat flour which instantly raises the blood sugar. Multi grain or oat bread is just a marketing gimmick with not more than 5 % of the healthy grain. Loaded with calories, sugars, fats, salts, added gluten(to make bread soft) and tons of chemical bread are very high on both G.I. and G.L. On an average 1 thin slice of bread has 80 calories where as a fresh wheat chappati has only 60.

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3. Flavoured soya milk

soya milk is one of the best source of complete protein especially for vegetarians. But the type of soya milk is very important. Natural fermented soya milk is the best. As the natural taste of soya milk is not appreciated by the masses companies have introduced various flavours like chocolate , vanilla and pista. To make the milk tasty liberal amounts of sugar is added. one 200 ml carton of natural soya milk has 60 calories where as the flavoured milk has more than 200. Moreover the combination of protein and sugar makes it difficult to digest and causes flatulence.

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4. Wheat bran

often eaten for its high fibre content wheat bran is highly absorbent and can absorb all the moisture of the food present in the intestines. Various intestinal juices are secreted in the intestine to aid the absorption of different food groups. Bran present in the food absorbs these enzymes leaving the food undigested. Eating bran for long could lead to severe nutritional deficiencies. Extra gluten present in bran can even cause skin allergies.

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5. Vegetable smoothies

the latest buzz amongst the regular dieters is vegetable smoothies. The main reason of concern in raw vegetables is the bacterial contamination. It could lead to fatal intestinal infections like typhoid or dysentery. Secondly digestion of raw vegetables gets difficult due to the cellulose or insoluble fiber present in them. So think twice before gulping down your spinach smoothie!! Even raw vegetable juice should be avoided with people with gastric troubles as it could make the conditions worst.

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So beware!  It doesn’t mean its healthy cause the packing says so! Think, evaluate, research before adding any of the above health foods to your diet plan.

Stay natural stay healthy

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