Avoid being fat by Eating more Number of Times


You must be wondering that how one can lose weight by eating more. Here in this topic I am going to discuss the diet secrets which can help one lose weight or avoid gaining more weight.


Eating small but more meals are recommended for weight loss by Dieticians. This is because the more time gap between meals the more craving starts for food and in that flow we tend to consume extra calories and overeat. As our food gets digested in 4hrs and then our blood sugar goes down.

That’s why is it is said that breakfast is the most important meal and one should never skip it. People regularly doing breakfast on time are better choice makers about food options and portion size of their each meal. Regular and timely meals keep extra calories at bay as it kills cravings.

Mid Meals Snack Options:

  • Salads: carrot, radish, cucumber, broccoli with lemon juice and black salt before meal can do wonders for your weight, skin and digestive system
  • Nuts: omega 3 fatty acids will improve your heart’s health
  • Fruits: will rejuvenate your energy levels at work and make you and your skin feel fresh
  • Whole grain crackers: are better than refined flour and make you feel full
  • Makhane: ultimate source of calcium are good for snacking. Always keep them handy in your bag
  • Soup: best before meal as they are low fat, u get oodles of nutrients and water content present in it makes you feel full
  • Drinks: like Butter Milk, lemonade are the drinks which can cure your acidity after having spicy meals and would improve digestive system

What to avoid in Mid Meals

  • Sandwiches and pizzas
  • Sugary Drinks like cold coffee,
  • Processed Food
  • Oily food and crackers

In short avoid having junk and oily food between meals as they can lead to more calorie consumption and acidity.

So a mantra to stay fit is to always carry a homemade Dabba for snacking at workplace whether it’s a fruit, nut or anything else to keep extra calories at bay.

Enjoy snacking but avoid junk take Healthy Weight Loss Diets…….