Avenue of Baobabs


Avenue of Baobabs

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The avenue of Baobabs is a team of baobab trees reinforcing the flith road between Belon’s Tsiribihina in the Menabe province of western Madagascar, this road is one of the popular and visited place in the country. For seeing Baobab trees in Africa Menabe is the most accessible place. It is also known as the most beautiful road in Madagascar.

This road leaves a wonderful experience in mind. It is a row of around twenty to twenty-five imposing Baobab trees along with some 260-meter long elasticity of the road. The nearby grasslands between Belo Tsiribihina and Morondava strike an amazing landscape attract travellers around the universe, creating it one of the most visited places in the entire province.  It has been a centre of native protection efforts and was approved momentary sheltered status in the month of July 2007 by the ministry of environment, forests and water is the first phase towards its creation as Madagascar’s first natural tribute.

The best time to visit Baobab Avenues is at the time of horizon; sunset and sunrise, when the colour and texture of the trunks seem more likeable and the shadows of Baobab trees look more pronounced.