Amazing uses of Vaseline petroleum jelly


Amazing uses of Vaseline petroleum jelly

1. Help in healing minor scrapes and burns
Petroleum jelly is capable of keeping skin, moist during post-surgery healing. This may be good for regular, fewer skin injuries. Before applying petroleum jelly make sure that the surface on which you are going to apply jelly is properly clean and disinfected.

2. Moisturize your face, lips and more
Face and body lotion: apply petroleum jelly on your skin after taking shower. It prevents your skin from drying out moreover you can use it for dry noses during cold.

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Amazing uses of Vaseline petroleum jelly

Cracked heels: take warm water, add some salt on it, and soak your feet in that mixture. Wipe out your wet feet then apply petroleum jelly and wear clean cotton socks.

For soft hands: after washing and drying, use some petroleum jelly and then ware a clean pair of gloves. It locks the moisture and accelerates healing.

Chapped lips: apply jelly on chapped lips as you would any chapstick.

3. Pet Paws
Your dog’s pad skin can crack and produced great discomfort. Clean their paws with cotton and apply the jelly. This should be done when your pet is resting or after a walk.

4. Prevent diaper rash
Petroleum jelly helps in reducing the incidence of diaper rash in babies. Before applying jelly on your little one’s skin, clean and towel-dry skin properly. Petroleum jelly creates a protective layer that will help in protecting the skin from constant ex-poser to moisture. Contact with your doctor if there is a persistent rash.

5. Remove eye makeup
Oil is an effective way to remove makeup from your skin. Petroleum jelly is safe to use in the area around eyes. Use a cotton pad or Q- tip, and press gently without tugging too hard on your skin. Make sure to close your eyes as you start wiping.

6. Prevent stains
Apply petroleum jelly along your hairlines before application of hair dye. It will help hair dye from staining your skin. It will also work if you like to paint your nails at home. A barrier of petroleum jelly is easy to wipe out the mess.

7. Perfume scents

Use petroleum jelly as a base for your perfume can help it stays last long and keep you fresh.

8. Use for stuck object
If a ring stuck on your finger, apply some Vaseline on your finger, making sure you get some around and under the ring. This will help the ring slip off from your finger.