Amazing Life changing beauty hacks every girl must know


Amazing Life changing beauty hacks every girl must know


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Amazing Life changing beauty hacks every girl must know


1. Keep makeup remover next to your bed
If you keep makeup remover next to your bed so you have zero excuses not to take off your makeup before you hit the bed. Sleeping with makeup on can cause you breakouts and infections.


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2. Highlighter
Want to make highlighting and contouring easy. To highlight your face, quickly draw a “3” with your concealer two shades lighter than your skin toner. Draw the first line above your brow, second line above your cheekbone and the last above your jawbone.

For contour, your face, draw a “3” towards the back (like the shape of capital “E”) in a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone. Start the first line on your temple, draw second light right below your cheekbone, and the last line underneath your jawbone. Then buff out both the shades, blending the lines fully for a smooth finish.

gallery 1426697139 contouring3. Eyeliner

If you are a fan of winged liner but don’t have the hand-eye coordination to do it flawlessly, no big deal: you can clean messy edges with petroleum jelly coated in the cotton swab. Make a perfectly free-handed flick on the first try to clean the mess easily.

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4. Blow dry

If you are in hurry and won’t wait for your moisturizer, toner, and self – tanner to dry, or your makeup to set, then take a help of blow-dryer to blast on your skin on the cool setting. Drying up certain products like (tonner, tanner) completely is necessary before processing further steps when getting ready, and a blow-dryer can really help in speeding up that process.

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5. Bigger eyes
Immediately make your eyes look bigger and awake by lining the inner rim of your lower eyelid with a nude eye pencil. Not only has this trick helped you in getting brighter eyes. But it also makes your eyes look wide like any Disney princess.

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6. Lipstick

One day when you don’t feel like messing up with your entire makeup regimen, use lipstick to add a litter color to your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Swipe this wonder stick along your brow bone, cheekbone and lips, then blend it out with your fingertips in dubbing motion for a subtle glow.


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7. Mascara
If you are out of eyeliner (liquid, gel) then don’t need to worry. Grab some mascara instead of going to store. Use a small eyeliner brush to take the formula on your brush.

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8. Smokey look
Take your eye make look more glamorous and sexier by smudging your eyeliner with a cotton swab to turn it into a Smokey eye look.

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