Amazing brain hack


Amazing brain hack

brain hacks


Train your brain to function on a higher level, it doesn’t involve a Doctoral program or becoming a Buddhist monk. The three important steps, first feed your brain, second rewire your brain and third, to challenge your brain.

Here are ten amazing brain hacks to make you smarter!

1. Feed your brain.
2. Reboot your circadian clock (your intended sleeping rhythm)
3. Practice awareness (you must have to change you wish to see in the world)
4. Do physical activities(yoga, meditation, workout and more)
5. Learn to speed read (the technique to consume information and retain that data at nearly unfathomable speed is possible.
6. Rewire your emotion (meditation is the way of rewiring your brain)
7. Use a pen and write it down (write your thoughts with our own hands)
8. Listen to the classics (classical music has the ability to reduce stress pain)
9. Discover something new (be creative)
10. Repeat (repeat those things (which are benefited for you) to make it a habit.