Always Chew your Food


How many times to chew food to lose weight??

You have done lot of changes in your diet and lifestyle to improve your health and to achieve a target weight. But do you know “chewing your food ” is a small and simple change in your habit which also plays a major role for healthy life style.

Chew your food longer for better digestion
Here are the reasons why chewing your food properly is important:

1.Consumes more nutrients and energy out of the food you eat.

Chewing your food divide the food from large particles into small particles which are easy to digest so that it is also simpler for the intestine to absorb the nutrients from the food particles when they pass through.
It also prohibits the improperly digested food from passing into your gut and also prevents from creating a large scale of adverse effects to your health

2. Food receives more exposure to saliva

Saliva consists of digestive enzymes, so the longer you chew , the extra time these enzymes have to start breaking down the food so it will improves the digestives system on your stomach and small intestine. From these enzymes One of the enzyme is lingual lipase, it is the enzyme which helps in breaking down of fats . Saliva gives the benefits of lubrication of food so it is easier on esophagus.

3.Achieves target weight

When you chew more, it will take more time to finish a meal. Study shows that when you eat slowly, it will help you to eat less. And thus helps to avoid weight gain and even loose weight. When you chew your food twice as long as you ordinary would ,it will immediately help you to control your portion sizes, which will naturally decrease your calorie consumption

4.Healthy teeth

Chewing your food gives the benefits to your teeth also, it is a like a workout for the bones holding your teeth and helps to keep them strong. The saliva which is produced while chewing helps to clear food particles and removes bacteria .So there could be the less chances of growth of plaque and tooth decay

5.Ensures proper digestion

Digestive enzymes and stomach acid work on the food fragments surface. If you chew your food completely, so there will be possible of large surface area for digestive enzymes and stomach acid to digest . So by chewing your food until it is liquefied, it will help digestive enzymes and stomach acid to do their job easily.

6.Prevents excess bacteria in the intestine

If large bites of food are not chewed completely, it can remain undigested when it pass into intestine .thus it can cause gas and bacteria in the intestine and it also leads to bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramping ,and other digestive troubles.
Chew every bite 20-30 times.. Ideal time taken to eat a meal is 20 mins Chewing your food completely may help you to feel fuller and gives more satisfaction. If you chew your food properly ,it means you truly enjoy the food.