9 Way to overcome stress


Stress and weight gainWhen we are unable to cope up with demanding circumstances it leads to a mental illness known as stress. In this multitasking lifestyle we often feel stressed out and now stress has become the part of our life. Pressure, strain, tension, worry & anxiety are few of its synonyms.


  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Insecurity about love
  • Worry about children’s future
  • Conscious about weight
  • Illness from chronic disease
  • Relationships problems
  • Natural disasters like flood or theft

Well there can be infinite reasons for stress. The most common stress we face in our day to day life is due to weight or job insecurity. Sometimes we are stressed because it’s the creation of our mind.


When we are stressed our body respond to it. Our nervous system release those hormones adrenal and cortisol that prepare us to either face that stress or run from the stress. Our heart beats faster, muscles get tightened and we sweat. Stress affects our health badly and can cause:

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Lethargic
  • Upset digestive system
  • High blood pressure (BP)
  • Heart diseases
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Skin problems
  • Fertility issues


Cortisol the stress hormone increases its intensity during stress. It leads to overeating as a habit because we think we have expend enough calories while dealing with stress but actually it doesn’t happens and in lieu of this we consume more calories. Our blood sugar level goes down and then cookies, cheese and junk food become the most reachable food.

Some people are stressed because they are overweight. They become so obsessive about their weight that they keep weighing themselves each and every day. This somehow leads to increase in stress level and as a result they can’t concentrate on their diet and physical workout. Again a cycle of stress and weight gain is formed.


  • Go for a healthy diet plan
  • By joining some hobby classes
  • Going for yoga & meditation
  • Catching up with old friends
  • Pen down your emotions
  • Going for some relaxation techniques like spa or a massage
  • By doing some physical activity and for me swimming works the best
  • Listen to good music
  • Seek advice from experienced person

Well if you are stressed because of your strict diet regime not giving you expected results then first don’t lose your cool. Take baby steps with positive approach. Try to be patient and don’t measure your weight each and every day and set realistic goals and stick to your diet.

So be happy stay healthy.