What 8 Ways to Remove Constipation? Home Remedies


8 Ways to Remove Constipation –  A Frequent visitor of our digestion tract, Constipation. A state when there is a difficulty in passing bowel movements also include pain in defecation. Nowadays it is so common that a film was made on this subject and received several applauds. Thanks to late night dinners and parties, drinking alcohol, consuming junk food, lack of exercise and sometimes age factor.

8 Ways to Remove Constipation:

Water, the best medicine: taking a little warm water with lemon and honey can help flushing out toxins from digestion tract. Can also increase water intake which will increase the bowel movements and will clear the small intestine and stomach.

Increase fiber intake:

adding fiber to your diet can help reviving up your digestion tract. Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), daily fiber intake should be 25 to 40g. So eat foods like oats, flax seeds, prunes, broccoli, spinach, figs, legumes, whole grains & nuts.

high fiber

Include exercise in your daily routine:

for boosting your digestion system it’s important to do physical workout of any kind be it yoga, exercise, aerobics or dance. Do it 5 times a week and you will feel the difference.

Can also go for Ayurveda:

Triphala tablets, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-parasitic works well as a laxative. Can take it with warm water at night. It will help clean the digestion tract.

Try some old home remedies or Nuska:

they are easy to use without any side effects

  • Taking teaspoon ghee with hot milk before going to bed is an age old remedy for constipation
  • Can have Isabgol or bhusi with hot milk at night
  • Having half cup raw cabbage juice can provide relief in constipation
  • Soaking and squashing 1-2 dates in a milk can also relieve constipation
  • Taking one tablespoon of grinded equal parts of sunflower seeds and sesame seeds daily can avoid constipation

 Avoid stress

: stress can tighten up our muscles including bowel movements and become the reason for constipation so avoid stress and engross yourself in yoga or physical exercise.

Balanced diet on time:

timely having food which contains all nutrition and daily fiber needs can always closes the door for constipation.


If your hemoglobin is in right values required by the body than there are less chances of constipation.

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