8 Ways to Make your Body Alkaline Diet Plan


make your Body Alkaline

Your body PH is a clear indicator to your health status. As all pathogens (harmful bacteria) need an acidic PH to survive, maintaining a PH close to 7 is the safest bet. An alkaline PH keeps the body free from most of the diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, skin diseases, ulcers and acidity. Body PH and weight loss– an alkaline body automatically removes all toxins stored in the body. This prevents water retention and ultimately leads to weight loss. How can you test your pH? Simply drop a few drops of saliva on a piece of PH paper. Wait for a few seconds and match the colour on the colour chart to know your PH value.


  • Take a lemon shot first thing in the morning-just squeeze a fresh lemon in 1 cup water and drink empty stomach in the morning.
  • Limit dairy-contrary to common belief dairy is acidic and should be consumed in limited quantity. 500 ml/ day.
  • Skip the grains- all grains are acidic. Try to have one meal of only fruits and vegetables. In a day’s diet. The ratio of fruits and vegetables should be more in comparison to cereals and grains in the diet.
  • Eat raw food- try and include raw salads and vegetables like onions, carrots, capsicum,cucumber, sprouts. In case of gastric trouble avoid raw food after 4 p.m.
  • Avoid sugars-all types of sugars including natural sources like honey are acidic.
  • Only home cooked food- all processed foods are laced with chemicals and preservatives which are highly acidic and are best avoided.
  • Drink wheat grass juice- best drink to neutralize the acidic ph of the stomach
  • Limit tea/coffee and aerated drinks. All of these are acidic drinks. Even green tea! Switch to coconut water or fresh vegetable and fruit juice.

So it’s time to check your PH now! A few simple changes in your diet can bring back your health.