8 Tricks To Make Your Kajal Smudge-Proof



    Kajal Smudge Proof

    It takes no long to become a Panda after applying Kajal. No matter how intricately you put your makeup on, this is the single product which never fails to disappoint girls. Yes, it is none other than the Kajal itself. And the matter of fact is, no single woman can leave the house without wearing Kajal. You prettily know that I’m right! Despite being the makeup staple of every single girl, it still has some knack for smudging. You can put the blame on your oily skin or the humidity. Here are few tips which can save you from becoming a Panda at the end of the day. So, if you want to save yourself from the embarrassment, follow these tips.

    1. Cleanse your face properly
    This is pretty obvious! Before you put your makeup on, washing your face is a requisite. Clean your under-eye area thoroughly and then grab your kajal pencil. If you have the problem of oily eyelids, rub some ice around your eye to prevent excess oil production. It will also make your eyes more opened up and bright.

    Kajal Smudge Proof1

    2. Apply the Kajal in the Right Way
    I’ve seen this ritual among the women that they apply the Kajal from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner. This makes your Kajal pencil wet as the inner corners of our eyes are usually runny. You should do the either way instead. Begin from the outer corner and then move towards the inner corner. Use short strokes as you proceed inwards.

    Kajal Smudge Proof2

    3. Use Eyeshadow On Top Of It
    If you really want to make your kajal last longer then pull out your eyeshadow. Pick up the shade similar to the shade of your kajal. Take a flat brush and apply the eyeshadow on your inner lids after applying the kajal. The eyeshadow will put your kajal in place and prevent from becoming runny.

    Kajal Smudge Proof3

    4. Switch to the Gel Eyeliner
    If you feel that your eyes are too watery beyond control and no matter what you do your kajal always smudges, then it’s high time that you switch to the gel eyeliner. The angled brush is excellent for super precise application. And the intense black colour of the eyeliner is totally smudge-proof.

    Kajal Smudge Proof4

    5. Don’t Put Kajal on the Inner Corners
    If your eyes are too watery, then prevent the inner corners. Applying kajal in the inner corner makes them runnier. Apply the darker coat of kajal at the centre and then taper it up as you move towards the outer corner. Apply the lighter coat in the corner as it has the tendency to smudge.

    Kajal Smudge Proof5

    6. Powder Up Around Your Eyes
    Your nose isn’t the only place which gets shiny. Your eyes, especially your lids and the corners also require some touch-ups of setting powder. This will prevent the corners from getting oily and keep your kajal in place, no matter how humid the day is.

    Kajal Smudge Proof6

    7. Always Be Prepared
    You know that your kajal will do whatever it feels like. So be smart and carry some cotton swabs with you all the time. Use them to wipe off that extra kajal from the corner of your eyes in a jiffy. Keep some wipes to blot away the sweat and oil from your under-eye region. And also, stop touching and scratching your eyes to prevent smudging.

    Kajal Smudge Proof7

    8. Use the Right Kajal
    If you feel that despite trying all the above-mentioned tricks, your kajal is adamant to get smudged, then you might be just using the wrong kajal pencil. Try to switch your kajal pencil to a good quality one. Some of the smudge-proof kajal pencils are now available at the budget-friendly prices.