7 Ideas To Decorate Your House this Diwali




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    Households are all decked up to welcome Diwali. Here are a few ideas to do up your home for the fest.

    Well-decorated houses add oomph to festivities. Though Diwali is definitely about lights, there are numerous other simple yet beautiful ways to celebrate it. It is the time when we clean every corner of our home to give it a fresh and bright festive look. Try putting up fancy decorations with diyas, candles, flower decoration, torans, string lights, rangoli, idols of Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi and they may change the look of the house. There are many ideas that can help you to enhance your house interior and exterior this festival. “Give your home a look completely different from the regular decor, but keep practicality in mind,“ says Priya Nadeem, an interior designer. Here are a few easy, not-too-expensive ways to do up your home this Diwali, but feel free to add your own unique touch. Diwali being a festival of lights you can add a personal touch to your lighting; be different. Simple handmade paper lanterns can be made.

    Ideas to Decorate Your House


    Decorative candles and diyas are main f features of Diwali. You can make decorative candles and diyas at your home. Use waste cans to make candle holders, wrap this can with colored paper and put the candles in it. Place candles in your living room, on the exterior wall. If there is a f garden in your house, decorate your yard with diyas and candles make sure that they do not harm plants. Put diyas on the wall of garden and you can hang candle holders in the garden; it gives an illusion of hanging lights. Diyas and candles come in artistic designs. Light up your home with aromatic candles. Floating diyas are also available in different shapes in the market, a glass bowl having floating candles and diyas in it looks aesthetic.


    Flowers makes your home fragrant and beautiful. Flowers are great to decorate your home. Take some flowers and make a garland of it. Decorate this garland on stair railings, stair handles and at the house entrance. Attach string lights with this floral garland to add beauty to your home decoration. Put rose flowers in a glass bowl filled with water and place it at dining table or living room table. Take an exclusive flower vase, arrange it with aromatic flowers, and make it a centrepiece of house.


    Rangoli is the art of drawing images and figures on floor with chalk, colourful sawdust and flour grain to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. The common rangoli themes for Diwali are holy symbols like mangal kalash, Goddess Laxmi’s footsteps at house entrance, Om, swastik, lighted Deepak, shree etc. To enhance the beauty of your rangoli, place a lighted diya at the centre of the rangoli. You can also use flower petals and leaves to enhance the beauty of the Rangoli. Add some gold and silver glitter on top of your rangoli to add a sparkle to your Diwali.


    You can adorn your home with decorative lights; decorate exterior walls with string lights. If you have a garden, decorate it with decorative lights; deck up the big trees with string lights. Pillars can be decorated with flowers and light strings. This Diwali, you can adorn your living room with a chandelier.



    Try new Home furnishing items such as bed sheets, new pillows, furniture coverings, floor carpets and curtains around the home to bring a new life in your home. Do not have budget to buy new than just wash your old ones in little warm water with some good detergent powered and iron them properly to get new shine in them. If your bedroom lacks brightness and you do not have time to get it repainted before Diwali, put a bright painting, throw in some bright colour cushions, wrap a cotton decorative sari to your curtain and there you are, the room will look different and brighter without much time spent.


    Give your interiors a new look by repositioning the furniture. Put a bright coloured painting on one of the room walls. New cushions and curtains will certainly add a festive look to your home. Torans are a popular decor accessory for Diwali. These hangings can be used to decorate entrance door, arches and mandirs. Torans embellished with mirrors and bells hanging at the house entrance welcome guests. Bells can be creative by using conventional and unconventional bells and diyas to decorate one corner of the house. An assortment of bells and diyas of different sizes hung and placed at different heights will give the room an interesting effect


    On this auspicious day, idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are worshipped. Place flower garlands of beautiful flowers near the feet of idols, along with the pooja thali. Instead of using a plain thali, decorate the pooja thali to give it traditional and beautiful look.Pooja thalis are also available in different shapes, colours and designs in market. To give a modern feel to this tradition decorate the pooja thali or buy a beautiful decorative one!