6 Latest Rangoli Designs for Indian Festivals 



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Rangoli has been a part of the Indian culture and traditions for a very long time. It is believed that the colourful patterns and designs created out of the Rangoli dust enhance the beauty of the doorstep of any household, thus attracting the attention of guests as well as Gods and Goddesses. In many Hindu families, Rangoli is created religiously during the festival of Diwali while latest Rangoli designs with colours or flower petals are made for family functions as well as other festivals.

Sea Salt, chalk as well as grains and pulses are used to make a variety of designs and patterns for several occasions as well as Rangoli competitions. Let’s check out 15 traditional and latest Rangoli design images,

Simple & Latest Rangoli Designs 2019:

Rangoli is not just limited to Diwali but several other events so let’s discover some of the best new latest Rangoli designs,

1. Simple Rangoli Design With Colours:

Latest Rangoli Designs Simple Rangoli Design


This consists of Rangoli creations done in very simple designs. These designs do not need much effort to be made and thus are very simple in nature. They comprise of designs which are not much elaborative. You can do this with the help of Rangoli powder or flowers. This style of traditional Rangoli design can be combined with new latest Rangoli designs. The contrasting colours give the Rangoli a very appealing and beautiful look.

2. Latest Rangoli Design With Flowers:

Latest Rangoli Designs Flower Rangoli Designs

These Rangoli designs are in the shape and size of a flower. These are generally done in times of an ethnic or traditional occasion. You are free to use colours as well as flower petals of all kinds to create the unique flower design. This is great for beginners who want to try their hands from simple designs. You can also make use of stencils or take help of others to create a bigger sized latest new Rangoli design.

3. Latest Peacock Rangoli Design:

Latest Rangoli Designs Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock being the national bird of India, serves as an important Rangoli design. They are presented in varied colours and designs. Though the design is the same but can be created in varied ways. The feather of the peacock can be made in the most unique way with the use of colours such as blue, green, orange and yellow. Use the white powder in abstract patterns to enhance the design. It is a great design for all kinds of occasions.


4. New Swastik Rangoli Design:

Latest Rangoli Designs Swastik Rangoli Design

This design is completely traditional and has been prevalent for a long time now. These swastika designs are usually done on religious occasions. It is most popular in Diwali and is used as a symbol to welcome guests. It is done at the doorstep to enhance the beauty of the first step of the house. You can also make a Sri symbol within the design to give a subtle effect.

5. Geometric Rangoli Designs:

Latest Rangoli Designs Geometric Design

You can also create Rangolis of varied designs which are geometrical in a pattern. They consist of concentric circles, rectangles, triangles and various other patterns. They give a very fulfilling look at the Rangoli as they consist of concrete shapes. And they are also beautiful and unique in nature. You can make them using Rangoli dust or flowers. These are the latest design Rangoli photos in comparison to old times.


6. Latest Traditional Designs Of Rangoli:

Latest Rangoli Designs Traditional Designs

This form of design is usually done in religious, traditional occasions. They consist of simple designs which have an aesthetic factor attached to it. You can make vivid circles and squares filled with vibrant Rangoli colours. You can also add Diyas/clay candles around the design to create a magical look. These are usually made at the doorstep as a beautiful additional gesture of welcoming guests.