Raksha Bandhan (रक्षा बन्धन) is a Hindu festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters; 
    For us too, it is a very special day at home. I love making rakhis for my brothers & now Miss P also makes them each year. It always adds that special touch to make one lovingly at home.  I’m sure you are also searching for cool ideas to make one at home or for a Rakhi making competition. I searched the net for you and presenting the 

    5 Best ideas to make Rakhi at home for Rakshabandhan

    1. Make an Aeroplane or Car Rakhi at home for Rakshabandhankids rakhi

    Children love rakhis with characters they can relate too. Miss P has cousins who are crazy about aeroplanes, and cars

    To make the Aeroplane rakhi, you will need

    1. Foam sticker set – Aeroplane in yellow\
    2. Satin ribbon  in red, cut to size
    3. Felt circle sticker in red ,  with adhesive backing
    4. Black marker , Red marker

    To make –

    1. Outline the yellow aeroplane with black marker.
    2. Add red dots for windows.
    3. Stick this on a Felt circle with adhesive backing
    4. Using fevicol Stick the Satin ribbon below the circle.

    You can similarly make A car rakhi or any other design.

     2. Make an Animal Rakhi at home for Rakshabandhan


    To make the Lion rakhi, you will need
    1. Sticker set – Lion in yellow
    2. Satin ribbon  in red, cut to size
    3. Felt circle sticker in red  & orange   with adhesive backing

    To make –

    1. Stick the Lion sticker on  a Felt red circle with adhesive backing
    2. Place a red satin in between Red Felt circle & orange Felt.
    3. Using fevicol Stick the Satin ribbon between the two circles.

    Make more designs – You can replace the Lion with Chota Bheem ,  Spider man, Pokemon sticker.

    3. Make a Simple Wool Rakhi at home for Rakshabandhan

    how to make a wool rakhi at home

    I wrote this guest post for multiculturalkidblogs.com  where I shared this easy DIY rakhi idea and how we celebrate rakhi .

    You will need Red & Yellow Wool, some beads & scissors. The steps are the same as you would use to make a pompom. Twist the Red wool around your fingers for 20 rounds. Slowly pull it out & securely tie it at the center. Using scissors, cut the ends of the bow & spread & press to form a flower pom pom. Tie a wooden bead at the center & another strand behind to make the Rakhi.


    Craft Foam rakhi


    5. Make a Rakhi with Zari Motifs at home for Rakshabandhan

    lace petal rakhi

    Go to any tailoring supply shops in India and buy zari motifs – Flowers, Peacocks, Geometrical designs. These come with a fabric backing that’s easy to stick or stitch onto a lace or gold thread to make your very own Rakhi at home.

    Traditional Rakhi Styles and designs on Raksha Bandhan