4 easy steps to rank your blog



4 easy steps to rank your blog

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  1. Know your target


Let just talk about your audience; to whom you dedicate your blog. Whatever you are going to post on your blog it comes down to your target audience. In fact, there is nothing more important than to understand what your audience wants to read, no blog can become successful without understanding their audience’s desires.

  1. Create relevance your directorial light

Relevancy is focused on your audience

You need to know what your audience wanted to read. What are your audience’s interests? What problems they are facing? Try to be relevant and useful.

 Relevancy is focused on your niche, focus on your objective, and focus on the solution as well as on current trending.


  1. Find a blog to steal

If you want to pick topics which other blog are using then go to the blog that is already doing it. Find an article that’s trending and start writing on it. Target your niche audience and repurpose the article based on your own niche.

  1. Content tools

Use SEO and other tools to make your content quality content. Use keywords and other relevant technical things that help in rank your blog. Do not post content that is copied it will ruin your blog.