14 Ways to Use Office Politics Positively


14 Ways to Use Office Politics Positively

Triumph What You Want Without “Playing Dirty”

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What do you think when you hear the words corporate politics (office politics)? Is it all about “backbiting” or “backstabbing”, spreading rumours, and “sucking up” to the right people? If so, you’ll probably want to stay as far as possible from it as you can!


However, like it or loathe it, office politics you can’t rid of it. It is a fact of line in any organization. And it is likely to promote yourself and your causes without negotiating your values or those of your organization.

Practising “good” politics support you to further everybody’s interests fairly and appropriately. Being alert to the “bad” politics around you in your organization helps to avoid needless suffering while others take your advantage.

In this article, we get to know Survival Tips for Office Politics.

1. Analyze the Organization Chart
2. Understand the Informal Network
3. Build Connections
4. Develop Your “People Skills”
5. Make the Most of Your Network
6. Be Brave – but Not Naive
7. Neutralize Negative Politics
8. Be aware you have a choice
9. Know what you are trying to achieve
10. Focus on your circle of influence
11. Don’t take sides
12. Don’t get personal
13. Seek to understand, before being understood
14. Think win-win