14 Ways to Drink More Water


Drinking water way to lose weight fast

– Water is very important for maintaining our body fluids which regulates the whole system of our body. Nowadays because of busy lifestyle and more working hours people forget to take enough fluids and as a result they face many health issues. Timely intake of water plays a crucial role in keeping a distance from health problems. As we have already heard the benefits of drinking water but few of us can actually do it. So here I am going to tell you the innovative ways to drink more water.


According to Guru the body requirement of water depends upon your body weight. A person should drink water 5% of body weight:

50 kg x 5% = 2.5 litre

60 kg x 5% = 3.0 litre

70 kg x 5% = 3.5 litre

Drinking water way to lose weight fast

Here are the easy ways where you can track and increase your water intake:

  1. Take a sip before every meal

Sipping water 20 mins before every meal helps controlling your appetite. You feel fuller and therefore eat less.

  1. Have water before/after every bathroom break

Actually this is the easiest way of drinking more water at regular intervals before/after loo break.

  1. Download an App on your mobile

The most users friendly or I can say the mobile friendly way of drinking water is to download an app like Daily Water Free or Carbodroid to track intake of water.

  1. Investing in a high-tech water bottle will give you returns

Good news for tech-savvy persons. They can use these technology-friendly bottles to keep track on their intake of water. This bottle will send the information ASAP to your mobile about the ounce you sip every time from it. Moreover you can change the settings in these bottle depending upon the weather conditions or temperature.

  1. Keep your water handy and nearby

This habit will also save your time and energy and you will find water at your workplace consistently reminding you to drink.

  1. You can Eat water also

Shocked….Yes you can eat water also and maintain your body fluids. You can eat fruits and vegetables rich in water content like watermelon(92% water), oranges, cucumber(96% water), berries, grapefruit(92% water) etc.

  • Can opt for sparkling or mineral water over soda

This zero-calorie drink is as good as drinking water except it has more zing. Can also have green tea.

  1. Can adulterate sweet drinks and juices with water and ice

Can mix ice or H2O in juices, ice-tea, and lemonade to increase the water content and decrease the sugary content.

  1. can use a water bottle which is marked

Where there is a will there are plenty of ways. Using these marked bottle can enhance your water intake and reach your aim. This will keep track of your water goals of the day.

  • Can add a twist to water

Gulping several glasses of water can be a boredom and monotonous. To overcome this you can add flavor of fruits (grapefruits, lemon, and strawberries), vegetables slices (cucumber, celery, ginger) and herbs (mint, basil, lavender) and to your jar this will also help you detoxifying your system .Nowadays infuser bottles are also available in the market.

  • Start your day with water

Two glasses of water at starting of your day can do wonders for your digestive system.

  1. Go on a Date with water

If you want to spend more time with someone special at a place then order green tea. As having green tea will take some time and in the mean time you can express your feelings to that person or enjoy the company of that person.

  1. Refill water every time

While at home or office always keep inform your helper that your water bottle should be refilled each and every time it gets emptied.

  1. Sales pitch with water

So if you are on a sales call and your time for meeting gets over, ask them to provide you water and in the mean while you can put an extra effort to pitch your sales as while drinking water you will get more time with the prospect.

Choose the best idea which works for you. So make water your best buddy.

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