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Best motivational article ,it will boost your confidence and help you in motivating yourself.


Life is race and you have to run

Life is certainly competitive. Fight or die. “Well I believe, if one enjoys the competition then one should really take life as a race”.
Life is like a race, you keep on running. You try to get as fast as possible however, it is the special race, it’s a race against time, not everyone can run long time, some have many years left, some may have minutes, but the point is running as fast as you can before your time runs out.

You are in a marathonp

Life is quite a long journey. You learn at each and every step, If you try to be very fast at beginning the chances are that you will be very late at the end. You need lot and lots of practice and a long marathon to be a good marathon runner but in sprint you can be fast but only for a short period. Sometimes you have to sprint in your life to feel yourself and your position. From marathon, you can learn that everything is possible in life.

Wake up!

The day you realize that your setbacks are not the ending moreover it’s a beginning of your race, that day you turn out to be successful in awaking the victor inside of you. Embrace all the setbacks, fears and rejections, embrace all of it and push on. Because the moment you give up, it’s the same as you stop in the marathon just because your shoelace came off. What you want is the goal in the end. Not faster than others so persevere on and make the most out of every day.

Live like this is the last day of your life

“Steve jobs asked himself one question every day. If today were the last day of my life, would I want to be doing the same what I would going to”
Ask yourself this question every morning and try to find out the most meaningful answer for this. Prioritize your tasks; use your time to the fullest, & Crying over spill milk will never make things right; Instead of regretting for your failures start preparing for your success.
Turn your illusions into reality

Dreams and goals are the backbone of society and innovation. They motivate you to do your best and reach your full potential. You have a power to turn your reveries into actuality. Visualize yourself reaching your dreams; it will give you strength and positive energy which encourage you to work hard. Reaching your greatest dream is to come up with a strategic plan, follow it with keenness and morality without giving a thought about its outcome and you will end up turning your visions into certainty.

Life is what you make it

You are the ultimate person who decides what happens in your life. You can bow down to others and accept what they want from you or you can lead your life the way you want to lead it. You are the only person responsible for how hard you work, others can only motivate you however, you are the ultimate person who decides whether you want to do that work or not. It’s up to you what you will do for yourself. You are the sole person responsible for your actions. Let yourself influence with the good and don’t accept defeat before competing.

Began to live

“Live each day as your life had just begun”.
Keep your stress, worries and anxiety on one side and start your day as like you are opening a new chapter from your book called life. You have ample to learn, so much to explore about yourself, about the surrounding things. Observe others; adopt their qualities how they live? How they deal with difficulties? Discovery new ways to live, find reasons why you want to do something. Work without greed. Support others, make people laugh, don’t run blindfolded in the race of life; run with a blindfold of dreams which make you win in every marathon. You only live once, but if you live it in correct (way) than once is enough.


“In the end, life is only a race if we are competing with ourselves. It’s about who will cross the finish line – not who will cross it first”.

The person who was last in the beginning can win too and the person in the middle can compensate at least. You don’t need to dishearten if you won’t learn it in the early can stand tall and can learn it in the coming moment. Life is like a race, run until you cross the finish line.