11 Beauty hacks to get ready for a 2019 New Year’s Eve party


11 Beauty hacks to get ready for a 2019 New Year’s Eve party

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You’re planning to attend the New Year party but worried about your dull skin and kinky hair? Try out these quick fixes this new year to not just look great but also impress many with your flawless face and shiny hair.

Tip no.1- pamper yourself little the day before the big night, give yourself a pedicure and manicure. Soak your hands and feet in warm water, massage with rich cream just to make your skin smooth and soft like a feather. Scrub your hands with sugar and lemon juice; it is a good pick- me -up treatment though. Please don’t forget to pay attention to details like waxing and threading at least a day in advance.

Tip no.2- desiring clean and glowing skin but don’t have time to go salon. Don’t worry darling, mix half a teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon rose water and one dried milk powder. Mix it well and apply this paste on your face and neck. Wash it off after 20 minutes with water. Then give a cold compress with rose water.

Tip no.3- what can I do for puffy eyes? Here is the solution! Apply eye pads with cotton wool dipped in chilled water. You can also use tea bags. Soak them in a little warm water, squeeze out the water apply on your eyes like eye pads.

Tip no.5- Oh God! Stubborn pimples and scars- Cover up your pimples and scars with foundation 2 shades lighter than your usual skin tone. Take the help of a thin pointed brush, apply it directly on the blemish. Then apply loose powder over the zit.

Tip no.6- Winters give your cheeks a natural blush; add little on the cheekbones and slightly below it. With the help of your fingertips dot the area with blusher. Then, blend with the brush, outward and slightly upwards, with light hands. Please make sure there are no harsh lines or a blotch.

Tip no. 7- Glamorous eyes; go for the smoky eyes look. After applying eyeshadow, apply eyeliner then smudge it with a cotton bud. Then apply a dark shadow over it and blend it outwards slightly upwards.

Apply eyeliner just below the lower lashes, smudge it with a cotton bud then apply eyeshadow. To add glamour, use mauve or pink eyeshadow.

Tips no.8- For night use lipsticks – Red, plum, coral, dark pink or amber colours. You can also add a touch of lip gloss to the centre of your lips.
Tip no.9- Add sparkle by dusting a light layer of gold and silver highlighter at the temples and throat area.

Tip no.10- If you find your hair has too much static or a fizziness problem, wet your hands with water and smooth your palms over the hair.
Avoid too much brushing.

Tip no. 11- To soften your rough and dry hair, mix some water with creamy hair conditioner and store it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your hair. Then comb your hairs, so that it spreads through the hair.